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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Did you miss me?

I have noted that it has been nine days since my last blog...guess what that means...

Almost nine days since I did some hard core exercise worth blogging about....

I am such a bum.

The calf pull kept me sedate more than I probably should have and I got somewhat comfortable in my laziness. Plus my mother arrived from New York for five weeks. So yeah...Didn't go out running at all since I last blogged.


On Friday, DH and I went to the gym like we had promised each other. I had such a blast! I started out on the treadmill and walked 5 minutes at a 4mph speed and then alternated that and running at a 6.5 mph pace (for 60-75 seconds at a time) for about 15 minutes. I then got kinda bored and so I went to the recumbent bike and  did another 15 minutes at around 98 rpm. Interesting thing: the treadmill and bike had TVs attached and while on the bike I happened to find a bike race I watched and pedaled....and it felt like i was a part of the race. And when the finish line was in sight....i sped up too.

After that 30 minutes I thought I was wiped out...My legs were jelly and so i went and sat down as DH showered. But the more I thought about it...the more i realized i wasnt ready to i went and put in 7 strong hard minutes on the elliptical.

Gym experiment: successful!!!

So then yesterday I tried to go out...but i got home late and got about .75 miles out before i forgot i had to go get DH so I rushed home and into the car...forgetting that i had my endomondo i had my best time ever according to that: 1 mile in 1:43. sweeet...

Which brings me to today...finally getting my behind out there...for a REAL workout.

Not going to say much...but I could definitely tell that I haven't been out in a while. I set my c25k program for week 2 (to back up). and boy did i stink...i got about 80 seconds at each of my first two 90 seconds run.  the last few were not so hot. But as my friend Dianne reminded me: I got my behind out there and thats what counts. So I suppose when i go again on thursday i will be in a much better place...

So the Endomondo for today:
2.04 miles
15:22 pace
10:03 max
mile 1: 14:41
mile 2: 15:48

Now onto the couch and some ice...knee and muscle just above it still aching a bit...

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  1. I cant walk at a 4mph pace. Thats nearly running for me. Im average height at 5'4, but my stride is so short.

    During my one and only 10 mile run (which happened to be on a treadmill) I turned on the Spirit of the Marathon. It was nice running when they did and getting all caught up in their excitement.

    Getting out there for any amount of time is certainly better than none!

    Do you do any warm ups before going out? A brisk 5 or 10 minute walk? It may help you get in the groove better. Either way, I think you are doing great!