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Sunday, January 15, 2012

grrr to laziness

Yesterday I had no desire to run or even do anything. I woke up this morning feeling the same. I went out with DH this morning and then came home and plopped in my seat and spent two hours stitching...

yeah...absolutely no desire to run.

then DH came out and pretty much dared me to run. and you know what i do with dares....

....i usually pick up the gauntlet.

So without even changing my mental frame of mind or my socks, I laced up and went out.....feeling like i had lead weights attached to my legs. I hooked up to the c25k app for week 3 day 2 and got both 90 second runs in there but the three minutes were not happening...not at all. i even cut my run short because i just didn't feel the mojo.

it felt so good to get home and plop back on the couch panting...

I stayed there for about 3 minutes and then realized that I wasn't proud of my effort or my time so I changed, grabbed the dog and went back out for some redemption (even in the form of a walk). I took a slightly different route and even tried to run the full .50 miles of the loop (tahts my next short term goal...i cant even make it 1/4 of the way). DH caught up with me on my first lap of the loop (he runs a 10k distance on sundays) and of coruse the dog wanted to chase him...forcing me to speed up even for a few. I caught up to DH and we took a cool down lap together as I lamented my workout today.

but my hubby is awesome...

we decided that starting this friday after work, i am going to meet him out on base where he works so we can both hit up the base gym for some cross training (treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc) because both of us need to get our legs into shape badly. we are going to try to make that a weekly tradition. he also mentioned something about a mile and i scoffed at going that which he looked at me with surprise.

he made me remember that six weeks ago...going a mile (even walking) was a BIG deal to that I am increasing to 2 or 3 miles a workout (even full walking) seems like NOTHING.

So I feel better about my crappy workout.

And tomorrow I'm going to get back out there and go again...

Endomondo attempt 1 (without dog)
1.8 miles
15:04 min/mi
14:46 mile split

Attempt 2 (with the dog plus hubby....mostly walking)
1.66 miles
17:02 pace
15:29 mile split

3.4 miles

Now I have a goal to beat in my 5k...keep it under fifty minutes :-)

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  1. Sometimes the hardest runs are the ones where you arent feeling it mentally. I think you did great toughing it out and then to go out again. You are freaking awesome!