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Monday, January 30, 2012

Need a swift kick in the rear

I need a major attitude adjustment....

Caution: this is going to be a whiny post with lots of shallow excuses....

So I ran last week and felt like crap. I therefore found many excuses to not work out AT ALL last week after that one run:

- Tired
- Mom was in town
- Had an IEP to write for work
- Skate night
- Got home from work too late
- Had to go pick up hubby
- Didn't feel like it
- Had to wander downtown with all the Gasparilla pirates and get beads
- Housework
- Pro Bowl

and the list goes on and on.

But honestly, I have felt really exhausted and run down this last week. Maybe it's cause I'm overwhelmed at work with lots of things to do and things not really going right. Maybe it's cause my mother is in town and thus my routine is thrown off.

I just hope I'm not getting sick. Lots of other people at work are getting sick and thus far I have managed to escape it but you cant hide forever.

So i post up on RWOL forum about needing some motivation to run and a lot of people have been really supportive (THANKS GUYS!).  The best advice was to at least get out there and try for ten minutes or so to see how you feel before you bail.

So i set out and set my c25k app back to week 1 just to get it out of my system. DH may be right...I just am a mental wuss and give up easily.... (don't tell him I said that)

Everything started good with the five minute warmup walk. And then my i-phone decided to be dumb. I'm trying to use Endomondo, c25k, and my music all at once. the c25k is supposed to stream your music. well it plays one song and then repeats that same one...OVER AND OVER. the only way to go to the next song is to manually log in and switch songs. talk about a pain in the rear...

then about 1/4 mile in (after my second 60 second jog), I get a MAJOR side split where i had to stop running and just try to catch my breath because it hurt so bad. at that point i made the decision to turn around at Compton St rather than the end of Storington (see map comparisons at dailymile)...its about a mile difference. i kept going on the 60 second jogs and getting them in even though i was slower than slow....

then apparently my phone didnt lock the screen and i bumped it on my elbow and turned c25k and the music THAT threw my rhythm off. thank goodness iw as close to home and i had a couple of good 60 second jogs that i pushed myself through at the very end. one was the dead end near my house...i alwasy run the full length up that no matter what...then i walked back to my street and decided to try to run the rest of the way home...I made it and that (I suppose) is what counts.

So Endomondo says:
1.42 miles
14:53 mile split
15:12 avg. pace

i feel like i am regressing...grrr.....

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