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Saturday, June 16, 2012

WTF was I thinking. (I'm baaack)

So much has happened since I last logged on here. I know I sorta fell off the face of the planet for a while. I was just getting so discouraged with myself and not making any perceived progress with the Couch to 5k program. Plus it started getting hot and humid here (and I'm a wuss) and I had to finish out the school year.

Before I took a HUGE hiatus, I ran in a charity 5k run for a former student at the high school I (now used to) work at who was the victim of a brutal attack. The student government organized the whole thing and I ran with a lot of students and fellow teachers. The timing system was VERY off but I PRed (YAY) by about 3 seconds. I came around the corner and saw that I was about to come in under 40 minutes (my old PR) and I managed to sprint and hit the finish line (and stop my GPS) at 39:58. So I felt good.

Why I took time off....I dont know...

But I did. One rest day turned into another...and another...and another.

And the next thing you know I haven't run at all in a month. And I was feeling lazy. and restless. and bored. Now that summer vacation is here, I should have all the time in the world for running, right? Well sleeping in until 8:30 or 9:00 am means I miss the best (coolest) part of the day for running and by the time evening rolls aorund, I havent felt much like going out. But DH has been working nights and I have been searching for something to fill my time.

So tonight I thought "why not run...just to see whats in me."

GPS and music but no C25K. My half marathon training plan (which starts in 2 weeks) wants me going a minimum of 3 miles a run so I set off figuring I would walk when I was tired and run until I couldnt go anymore.

Right away I settled into a pretty good pace and felt good. I hadn't run the 3 mile loop around my neighborhood since about january or february and I remember thinking how hard it was and that I could never make it from point A to point B. Tonight as I went by those points, I made sure to run just to see if I could do it and lo and behold, I made it (and then some). I didnt run the entire 3 miles by any means but I feel like I ran more than I walked. When I took my running hiatus I was able to to do 5 minutes at a time and pushing on 8-10 minutes at a time. I didn't make 5 minutes at a time (but I wasnt pushing to do that) BUT I was able to go 2-3 minutes easily at a time and felt good. So I didn't regress as much as I feared. YAY!!!

If I dont post on here by next Saturday, make sure you get on Facebook and (figuratively) kick my butt in gear so I dont go another month without running. I have to make this half marathon in November. it has an 18:00 minimum pace but my goal is to maintain a 16:00 or under so I can also complete the Disney half in January (hoping to at least if the money is there)

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