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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I hate week 5

I have been on week 5 of C25K forever. I swear. I dont know if I have hit a wall in my training or if is am starting to psych myself out...

anyhow i went out in 87 degree (90 heat index) weather because its the only time I had tonight to run. I made it through the first 8 minute run no problem but I lost steam on the second 8 minute run. Ok...maybe not lost steam but maybe it was mental. Now that I think about it...I psyched myself out and walked. Grr.

<bangs head against the wall> AND I COULD HAVE MOVED ON TODAY

but I didn't. I got about 6 minutes total out of the 8 i was supposed to do so it was better than nothing. but when I walked, i was a slug.

And now I am home and I am hot, slimy, sweaty, and my calves and ankles hurt like hell. I haven't felt like this in a long time (not since I started running). Dont know if its the shoes, the pavement, or what. But even a soak in the pool didn't help. i am thinking of using a rolling pin on my legs....ugh ugh ugh.

tomorrow night is possibly round 3 of c25k w5d2. or at least a good redemption run.

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  1. Rolling pin - broom handle - can of hairspray - anything round will work. I dont foam roll as much as I should, but I got mine from walmart. It works well enough I guess.