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Sunday, June 24, 2012

fat...a freestyle poem


thats how I feel.

I know compared to a lot of people I'm not.

But that doesn't mean

I dont feel inadequately out of shape.

It started at the 5k I ran yesterday....

I got there early to help before I ran.

The vast majority of racers were from elite running clubs in the area

And they like to show up early to get miles in pre-5k.

And the women wear sports bras

With abs of steel.

And there I stood.

In my capris and top

and my belly peeking under my shirt.

I tried to hide.

But it didnt work

As I ran

With other "penguins"

Who were much larger than me

I had fun.

It was hot and humid

And I wanted to go back to bed.

But I ran.



But better than I expected

My hubby was there

With video camera in hand

Capturing every time I ran by him.

I picked it up at the end.

And ran faster than I had in a long time.

Nearly puked once I was done.

But felt proud of my time.

Until the winners were announced

They were all twice as fast.

And had flat tummies

So I went home and moped

And thought about starting my own race

For those who are able to run at my pace.

Then I watched the video

That my darling husband took.

I looked like a tank.

With crappy form

And a flopping stomach.

Thus I have resolved

To lose my stomach

Or at least tone it up

So I decided today

To do 50 sit-ups

I made it to 20

and died.

So I did push-ups

I did two.

So now I have two goals: to get my butt back into a running routine

And to lose my gut.

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