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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Speed Demon? really??

I THINK (not positive yet) I just had one of the fastest two miles I have ever done today (and to think I just said that a few days ago)

c25k, week 3 day 3....

went out and felt good if not hot (record highs for florida oh joy). i pushed a little harder during the run sections and ended up with almost a FULL MINUTE negative split (13:50 vs 12:56). I felt tired and semi sluggish during the run (probably the humidity) but I nearly jumped for joy when my gps told me my splits. YAY!!!

Tuesday starts week 4 of c25k...this is the one that people say is the wall...3 minute and 5 minute runs...more running than walking....i'm going to try not to psych myself out...going to be tough but if i can break through this one then i should be fine...

Also signed up for two more races in May...going to be a good gauge of progress to see how I am doing as I prep for half marathon training....

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