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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Milestone Moment!!!

I'm beginning to see why people say runs make you feel better....and why you always regret the runs you didn't take...

No regrets tonight!

I had a DAY today...long day with the kids and an even longer faculty meeting (FCAT season is upon us...ugh).  I came home knowing that I had to do c25k week 4 day 1 at some point but in no way did I want to do it when I got home (it was hot, I was tired, cranky, etc).

Around 7 (after I had already put on my PJs and was comfortably browsing the newly released 1940 census for my family members), DH kindly and subtly reminded me of my plan. Even though I didn't want to, I found myself getting my stuff on. DH even remarked on how "thrilled" (tired) I looked. I remember telling him that I might go out for my plan or I might just get a mile in (I was honestly thinking I was going to do the latter).

But I went out and set my c25k app up without realizing it and set off. As I kept going, I realized I felt better than I thought. I made it through the first three minute run feeling okay (although it was weird to run by my old "stop" markers I had mentally made along the route) and geared myself up for the five minute run. When I started running, I was intentionally going slower than I think I have ever run (I probably walk faster) but about 3/4 of the way through it, I realized I would make it. My legs hurt and I was barely moving (at least I felt like it) but I celebrated big time when the 5 minutes were up.

Just for the record: I have only run five minutes straight through ONCE before in my life.... the eighth grade (16 years ago).

I was fist pumping big time as I did my recovery walk.

And then I had to turn around and go a mile back...

I made it through the second three minute run (was a breeze after the 5 minute one) feeling great. The best part: I ALMOST made it through the second 5 minute run too....

I say almost because I (sheepishly) took a 15 second or less walk break (it was hot, it was humid, and my legs were aching) but that few seconds refueled me and I made it the rest of the way with no problem. I got home and felt very accomplished...but not like I wanted to go farther...

Although after a quick soak in the pool, I wanted to go back out but I know better than try to push my muscles too far too fast.

No negative splits this time BUT a pretty decent overall time:

2.23 miles
14:16 pace
mile 1: 13:48
mile 2: 14:12
.23: 3:50 (REALLY slow cool down)


  1. Super duper congrats!! 5 minutes is a lifetime in running. When I started running I couldnt even make it to the end of my street. I celebrated big time when I made it there and then to the first stop sign and then the second, etc. I didnt do couch to 5k.. I did couch to stop signs lol. Now from my house to our local McDonalds is 1 mile and Im amazed everytime that I can run that far without having to take walk breaks now. Just stick with it. You are doing amazing!! So proud of how far you have come.

  2. Thanks!!! My next big milestone goal is to run a mile without walking...thats the next "oh my God I'll never make it" moment.

    Couch to stop signs, light posts, lakes, cracks on sidewalks (my usual mile markers) doesn't matter. we've gotten up off our behinds and are doing something!

    btw, i love how we are mirroring each other's progression. gives me motivation:-)