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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

heat is NOT my friend

i haven't posted here because there hasn't been much to post (at least happy....)

It's turning hot...and uncomfortable. I have started running around 7 pm because its a bit cooler (cooler being a relative term...only 80 lol) and combine that with upping my workout to week 4 of couch to 5k (3 minute and 5 minute runs) has made for an uncomfortable and grumpy erin...

in my last post, i had hit a milestone and felt pretty good a week ago tonight. but then life gets in the way (in a good way) and I just havent had time to run i definitely was affected on friday when i tried to go out for c25k week 4 day 2... i got up early in the morning on my day off and put some coffee in and headed out....went welll at first (comfortable weather...urge to run, etc) and then i got really really dizzy towards the end....turns out running with no water is not good

next day of training would have been sunday....well i got lazy (and busy...went to a Yankees game) and so i didnt even think of going out until later. i didnt do my "plan" and did a random was HOT so i came home early and sat for twenty minutes and then went back out again...did almost 2 miles total...felt good but nothing really to blog about

so fast forward to today: i knew i needed to do my c25k plan but i knew if i waited til later i would never go out. so i went out around 5:30 even thought it was a little bit hotter...first half of it went well. i made it through both sets of runs (well MOST of the 5 minute run) and had a mile split of 12:31 (one of my fastest times). Then a couple of things happened: 1) my c25k app decided to mute itself so I didnt hear the walk/run voice and i think i ran longe rthan i needed to at first and then didnt walk enough and then walked too much, etc. and got mixed up. didnt faze me too much though.... and 2) the heat wall hit (thank goodness i had water) and so even if my app was wokring, i dont think i would have made it through the runs...i allowed myself the 5 minute cooldown after a 100 yard sprint to get my legs going once more.

i feel like crap even though i know it was one of my better workouts time-wise. the heat makes me feel like i am dragging but i am going to push through it....however, i am going to find myself on the treadmill a lot more this summer i think. not all the itme....but some...


  1. Last summer I basically quit training. I rode my bike cos it was easier to "cruise along" on it really slowly and log some miles than it was to even walk in the heat. But then that bit me in the butt. I basically started over this winter. I wish I would have kept it up in the summer. I had a treadmill, but it was just even too hot for that. Excuses, excuses, right? This summer Im determined to keep my training up and hopefully get faster this summer. I think if I can run and get faster in the summer then Ill do pretty good this fall/winter. At least thats what Im hoping lol Same for you, I think if you can find a way to train through the summer that you will be doing excellent this winter.

  2. thats what everyone tells me...if i can manage to train and survive the heat and humidity then come race season in the fall I will be awesome! :-) i'll push you if you push me!