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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cha Cha Run

New memo to self: having the cha cha slide on the i-pod as I run is helped distract me from the drudgery of the last 5 minute run on my workout that I was actually surprised when it was time to walk....

I finished week 4 of c25k today but i needed a lovely nudge to get out of the door (as I usually do). I had a long weekend and was exhausted this afternoon when I got home. I had no desire to run and finally said that I was going to go get a  mile in. Well my DH decided that since it was getting dark, he would go with me to keep me company because he knows I dont like running in the dark by myself. The last time the two of us ran, I finished in tears so I was slighly nervous. However, today was awesome. This time he knew my workout plan ahead of time and was actually a great asset. He didn't say anything to me other than to keep it up and to watch my posture on my runs. Anyhow, I went out and enjoyed myself (other than the feeling of my dinner wanting to join my feet on the sidewalk towards the end). My calves protested but in the end, they dont hurt at all and I feel like I could have kept going somewhat. I guess that means I can progress to week 5 now.

More than halfway to my goal!!! I am learning that I need to drop my speed and get the endurance in. DH keeps reminding me that speed will come. He did observe that I am working on developing that internal metronome. He noted that towards the end when the wind came in my face, I slowed down a bit and he feared I was going to start walking but without any prompting (and I honestly didn't even realize I had dont this), I picked it back up to a steady pace. Go me! :-)

Overall it was the slowest workout I have had in a while BUT I am building up my endurance and it was hot and the end of a long weekend so I suppose I am allowed to have a slower day. The important thing was that I ran even when I didn't want to  and then I finished my entire workout feeling better than I ever thought I could...

So go me!

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