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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nike+ vs. Endomondo

Tonight was my first run with the new Nike+ app instead of my tried and true Endomondo app and I have to say I think if they were combined, it would be the perfect app. So, before I brag about my run, let me tell you why.

Ok first, here is what they both have (or at least where it's a draw:)
- GPS tracking with mile markers
- overall pace tracking
- time tracking

Where the Nike+ holds the edge:
- adding pace tracking to the map at the end. The line of your run path goes from red to green depending on how fast you are running so you can see how fast you run depending on where you are. When I got back today I could see about where I ran vs walked and for how far. I definitely like this feature!
- Adding music to the mix: I can create my own music mix and play through the app. With Endomondo, I play music but I have to open two different apps. It's not a big deal but still kinda cool. I would ALMOST call this a draw but the music is built in to Nike so that gets the edge
- Ability to just run, or you can challenge your friends or take on a challenge given to you by Nike or your friends...its a great way to change up your run.
- virtual coach and cheerleader to keep you going on your run and shout out milestones as you reach them (i.e. "you just hit your fastest pace ever! Keep it up!")

Where I give the edge to Endomondo:
- Mile splits. I like being able to see whether or not i had a negative split and just how fast my miles were individually. I am still trying to figure out to see whether or not Nike+ can do that but so far, no luck. I know I sped up during my second mile today but not by how much. Nike just shows your slowest pace, your fastest pace, and your average pace.
- It's FREE! Free is always good.

If Nike+ could show me my mile splits, it definitely holds an edge over Endomondo....

Anyhow, I started week 5 of c25k. This is where things get challenging. Starting today, each day is a different workout so if I cant complete one workout, I can't just use the next one as a repeat and still be progressing. Today I ran five, walked three, ran five, walked three, ran five, and then cooled down five. It's weird how easier it is mentlaly when five minutes is now your "short run". Last week I was thinking OMG, five whole minutes...that's a lot....but today it seemed fairly easy in comparison to the twenty minute run I am going to have to do before this week is out. I really am starting to realize how much running really is mental along with physical. Today it was hot but I was psyched to run so I went out early. I definitely felt the heat coming up off the sidewalk (whew!) but since I have slowed down my running cadence, it didn't bother me. The only glitch was the c25k app voice not telling me (or me not hearing) the last run command but I realized the last walk felt a little long and started running on my own. Turns out I only missed no more than a minute so I just made it up at the end. No big deal.

I am getting frustrated (but not discouraged) at the fact that my paces seem to be slowing down as I increase my run segments. At one point a week or two ago I was under 14:00 and now I am about 14:30. I have definitely slowed down slightly to run at a more comfortable pace. What I don't get is why my overall pace isnt dropping (even a little bit) as I run more than walk now in my workouts...

Any thoughts on that?


  1. Whoa The Nike+ sounds cool. Id love to have somebody (virtual or not) telling me along the way how good I was doing. I only ever use my Garmin now, but before I got it I just kept track of my time and traced my routes online. Now the Garmin is the best thing ever. It will show you a replay of your run and graphs out every little detail. Its neat seeing my pace on a graph because I can see exactly where I slowed down or sped up.

    As far as paces go, I know its super hard, but the best/worst advice I got was to not pay attention to them. Yeah right huh? I often obsess over my pace. Its a big deal to a new runner! I do think as you increase your running time and decrease the walk breaks you will of course get faster and a boost the ego, but also slowing down your runs in order to run the whole distance will help too. I still get jealous of people who can run/walk and hold a 12:00 pace. I have to run the entire time to do that! I would also blame some of the slowing down to the heat.

  2. To look at the splits, login to Nike+, go to Activities, click on the Run, and you can see the splits if you scroll down. Also, if you are just looking through the app, you can look at the run, then rotate your screen sideways and it'll show the splits. Hope that helps!

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