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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spirit of the Marathon

Just saw a great documentary made during the 2005 Chicago Marathon called Spirit of the Marathon. I am so glad there was nothing on TV which led me to find Amazon Prime and this amazing documentary. I am definitely inspired to get my ass back out there. If you haven't seen it.....I highly recommend it. It follows 6 people (two elites, a Boston qualifier, and three "penguins"/marathon virgins) as they train and race. It was very inspiring....and humbling...I need to step my game up big time.

I am also thinking I need to start group runs a lot more. They keep me honest and pumped up...I get lazy when I run solo.

ok thats enough for tonight....bedtime!!!


  1. I watched this around the time I first started running and loved it.. I recently watched it again when I did my first double digit run. Its such an inspiring and motivating movie for sure!

  2. I watch this whenever I need a little inspiration. One of the coolest things in the movie is when the elite males run through the water stop, so fluid and graceful. Full of beauty in motion.