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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring is finally here!!

Today I feel so good that I hardly feel guilty for cutting my run short by about 10 minutes!!

Why, do you ask?

- I am on Spring Break so I have a whole week to relax and work on myself!
- I did 1.66 miles in 23 minutes and probably could have kept going. I should have. time for some redemption later?
- My backyard pool is over 80 degrees so I could jump in there after my run and cool down and do some strokes and water aerobics. I need to measure the length of my pool to see how far I go so I can do some laps as cross training.
 - No muscle aches or breathing issues.

Still working on that whole mental toughness thing which is why it probably was not a good idea to bail ten minutes early. Yes it was hot, yes it was muggy, yes I felt great. So why did I do it??? Need to figure that one out for next time.

As part of my redemption I found some water aerobic exercises that I could do in the pool. I didn't last too long, but I figure, like running, I will get there!

Now onto my book. Oh glorious vacation! :-)

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