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Friday, March 16, 2012

c25k part deux

I have come to a major conclusion: I love running in the morning. I love getting up, getting coffee into me, and then heading out. All of my runs this week have been in the morning and i have felt awesome after each one. No pain, no stiffness, etc. I feel like i have been able to go faster than I do in the afternoons. I am really going to miss this when I go back to work next week.

So this week I am tackling c25k week 2 day 2 (90 second run, 2 minute walk, repeat). I did day 1 on tuesday and it went okay (but I admittedly bailed early on at least one of the 90 second runs). Today I didn't bail at all and that felt great!! I even had a couple of moments where I didn't hear my c25k app tell me to walk and then I realized I had run 2 minutes rather than 90 seconds. woot! Tomorrow I am going to do day 3 for good measure because next week I ramp it up again...oh joy.

I also discovered a great cross training class that I cant partake in again until figure skating coach leads a power conditioning class on wednesday mornings. Essentially its 45 minutes of pure skating....stroking, edges, power pulls, speed skating drills, hockey suicides, etc. If you stop or slow down, my coach gets on you. I pushed myself hard and I felt really really good when I got off the ice. My legs were a good tired.

I did take a lazy day yesterday and I sort of regret it. My DH (who has been such a support to me through all this) had to give me a loving tough love speech saying that he thought I had some natural talent that he didnt have and that I just couldnt rely on my talent and had to push myself to get better. If I worked hard, I could be a better runner than he was (and I think he is a damn good runner).

Anyhow, my pace is picking up this week which is's workout specs:

2.08 miles
avg pace: 13:54 (with the walking0
mile 1- 13:48
mile 2- 13:54

pretty even pace, which is good. I want to start pushing for those negative splits more often...but the fact that I am under 14:00 per mile makes me very happy...I just need to start increasing my distance and keeping that pace up as I work towards the half marathon in November.

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