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Monday, March 19, 2012

Am I runner? oh yeah....

So I was having a few moments (days) of feeling like somewhat of an imposter....I can't run more than 2-3 minutes (on my best days) without stopping to walk and I don't go more than 3 miles...I look at my friends who are constantly over 20+ mpw and I think "I'll never get there....I don't belong..."

and then along comes something that makes you realize " are a runner"

in this case, it was a thread on the Runners World beginners forum that essentially asked "at what point did you consider yourself a runner?" and the answers were awesome. One person said it was when they ran their first race...another said it was when they increased their MPW to over 20, another said it was when they won their first AG award at a race, another said it was when they were injured and realized how much they missed running.

So I thought...."have I ever considered myself a runner?"

Hellz yes I have.

First time: When I crossed the finish line in my first race and got to go into food chute taht said "runners only"
Second time: when I was running my first 5k and someone yelled "looking good" and I thought "then YOU get out here and do it!"
Third (?) time: My second 5k (gasparilla) had a big runners expo to pick up shirts, etc. and again, got to go into  the runners only lane.
Fourth (?) time: Finishing Gasparilla and getting my first ever medal and the coolest looking t-shirt yet. plus the after photos of me in which i look like all of my friends from RWOL running (hat, skirt, etc.) rahter than in the hastily thrown together outfit I had for my very first race.

So no, I dont have all of my goals met. And once I meet them, I won't be satisfied...

But do I get up early on vacation, plan weekends around possible races, and almost feel like a loser when I don't run? Yes I do.

And that's why I am a runner.


  1. Love this post. I think the first time I felt like I was a runner was when my DH tossed the latest issue of RW at me from the mailbox and said, "here's the precious".

  2. You are totally a runner. And me too! Even if we just "jog". I have a new app on my phone and it tracks exercise and it considers my "very brisk" walking pace to be normal and calls it "jogging" So now im deteremined to be a faster runner. I saw one person say once that they are a runner and not a jogger because joggers just jog for the hell of it and runners have a goal of getting better at running.