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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

sometimes you just have to back up and regroup

change of plans for a wednesday. usually i am spending 45 minutes at the ice rink having my skating lesson. BUT my coach is also the director and choreographer of the Busch Gardens ice show and tonight is opening skating night got switched.

it would have been sooooooo easy to just come home and do nothing.

but i put on my shoes and decided to dial the couch to 5k back to week 1 just to get my legs under me. plus i realized i had never fully completed ANY of the previous workouts....usually bailing out with 1 rep to go or something. so i went out and did it. yay!!! my legs hurt but i had no major issues going a full 60 seconds before stopping...although twice i stopped with about 4 seconds left to go. overall not bad!!

didnt turn on the endomondo because i swore it kept messing with my music when i had that AND the c25k app running. it would always repeat one song over and over. turns out i just had the music on repeat next time i am going to checlk that before i head my times on Daily Mile are rough estimates....but not terribly bad...could have been better but i have done worse....

tomorrow might be anohter jog for me. otherwise i hit up the gym and do another week 1 workout on the treadmill or so with DH.

Finally snapped out of the funk i was in on monday...a very good thing.

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  1. Sounds like you have an awesome skating couch. How often do you skate? Is it a hobby or do you participate in events and stuff?

    AND....I tagged you here: