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Monday, February 6, 2012

one step forward, two steps back? :-/

I'm back. Again. Today I went out for a quick mile...ended up walking all of it and got a 15:43 pace out of it. So I am encouraged because thats what my RUNNING used to be. Yet, I'm also discouraged because my first 5K is in 19 days and I feel nowhere close to ready. I was hoping I could at least be consistently going 3 miles even half running or half walking. Or at the very least running more than 90 seconds at a time (with shorter and shorter rests in between). But I suppose I'll finish the race....hopefully in 40:00 or less.

Went to the gym on Friday and I find I enjoy that almost as much if not more than outside. I spent about 45 minutes there and did 15 on the treadmill (minimum 15:00 pace but sped it up some occasionally), 15 hard minuteson the elliptical (even though my legs wanted to DIE), and then 15 on the recumbent bike. on the bike, my heart rate was going over 160 and i was just ready to die many times but i made it through and came through feeling good.

Today (monday)  I have to go pick up DH at work so i knew I didnt have a lot of time. So, even though i know i need to start increasing distance, I went out for a mile. Could be better so I'll probably go out tomorrow

I do realize though...I have lost my initial spark, zeal, motivation, etc. for running. I was motivated by the turkey trot and then byn the holiday running game....but now i am not doing any contests and even though the 5K is around the corner, I dont feel any real motivation to run. I go out sometimes because I feel I have to rather than wanting to. And my times and how i feel afterward reflect that. Blah.

I know runners go through hills and valleys (in more ways than one) but what is osmething I can do to stay out of the valley for very long?

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  1. Are you already signed up for the 5K? For me, actually being signed up for the races gives me motivation because Im more committed to it and cant bail as easily. I cut my running way back last year because I wasnt committed to anything. It really screwed me over because this winter when I started up again it was like starting over again. Sometimes maybe just toughing it out through the hard parts will be what you need to get through them. Im still on my running/workout streak and its keeping me going. I dont want to fail so I keep pushing myself.