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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


i suck. i admit it. i fricken suck.

five days until my 5k. you'd think i have made PROGRESS towards that goal? NO I have fricken REGRESSED. and it's my fault. I don't blame anyone or anything else other than my work ethic. of course having my mother in town for a month didnt help...i would get home and talk to her or get involved in something else instead of riunning. so instead of continuing with c25K, i just said "well going out for a few minutes is enough"

but now here i am with 5 days befor emy first 5k and i am scared they are going to pull me off the course for being too slow. really.

i went out and every step was laborious...i couldnt get a rhythm going running because i havent RUN in a while...i slacked. pure and fricken simple. my leg hurts, my toes hurt, side stitches hurt, etc. i ran a LITTLE bit during the first mile and then just walked...and it felt like it took forever. i even intentionally went a little bit longer tring to get to the 5k distance and still didnt make it.

part of me wants to DNS this race but that would be slacking it off. especially since my DH is running the 10k. i already feel like a failure...a DNS would seal the deal.

i want to go wallow in my self pity...not even any energy or desire for a redemption run later. my legs just achee....


3.14 miles (SO close and yet so far....)
51:16 total
16:19 pace. (wouldnt even make the Disney cutoff...)
mile 1: 15:03 (side stitches and leg ache)
mile 2: 16:17 (i tried but legs wouldnt go)
mile 3: 17:00 (thats about when i said screw it....)

going to go out once more thursday and then rest totally for saturday. at this point i am amending my goal to finish....


  1. Sometimes I think we learn more from the sucky experiences than from the good ones. You can do this. Know it.

  2. Ditto what Jen said! You can do it!!
    A 5K is actually 3.1 miles so you did do the distance!