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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mental toughness...ouch.

DH has been preaching "mental toughness" for a long time at me and I still don't quite know what that means. But I'm learning that it means running when it hurts like HELL  and running even while yelling "shut up" at my DH. (sorry love....)

so yesterdays run was miserable. plain and simple. i walked all (or most of it). i figure its because i am a physical wuss (weakling...whatever you want to call it) but I read this article at the suggestion of my DH and start to wonder...

Anyhow, my legs still hurt today from yesterday even when i got to the rink and i couldnt get my legs to do what i want them to do. As a result, I did a lot of edge work and learned a couple of new footwork sequences (yay! maybe my skating future is in ice dancing rather than singles...) Then i came home and resolved to run again today (because i wont have time tomorrow...thank you conference night....and i am NOT running friday night just before an 8am race). DH went with me and kept me going when i didnt want to and i ended up going 1.55 mile on very tired legs. I am still walking a lot more than I realize but when i run, i am keeping a good pace, etc. now the trick is to lengthen them...a little at a time. 

My goal for this saturday still stands at  "finish"...I can worry about time next weekend at my second 5k. 

off to ice my aching muscles now.

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  1. I have faith in you that you will do great. Its easy to quit when there arent others around, but having a crowd during the 5K will keep you going!