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Monday, February 13, 2012


Saw a great comment on my friend's Daily Mile paraphrase...Wobbly legs = working legs and thats good. legs are wobbly so i guess its working out well.

Decided to get out to run today as scheduled...realized i need to up my distance before my 5k so minimum goal was 3 miles...went EXACTLY 3 miles. WOOT. i pushed myself harder than i have in a while and i think it paid off. i ended up going 3 miles at a 14:30 pace with all negative splits (sorta). I wanted to try to get another .5 in but my legs were DONE by the time i got close to home. but I will do it before i do the 5k

mile 1: 14:37 pace

mostly a warmup walk. saw lots of ducks on the pond and had to contend with the sun directly in my face (why oh why do I always forget my hat??). Briefly debated turining around after the endomondo told me i was at 1 mile. decided not to. saw 3 dogs...all of whom thought they would make a great running partner for me. thank God for leashes!

miles 2: 14:23 pace (YAY negative split!)

point of no turnaround. my three miles is a big loop around the development. once i get to this point...i might as well keep going even if i feel like crap. to turn around and go back the way i came is to make the run longer. found more of a stride and felt myself running for longer intervals (not timing myself, no c25k, etc....just going when i feel like it for however long i feel like). finally got the sun at my side or back so i could actually see where i am going. nearly got run over by 2 ten year olds on bikes.

mile 3: 14:23 pace (what are the odds of doing the exact SAME pace two miles in a row??)

home stretch...running along the main road of the development. saw a homemade cross on the side of the road that said RIP Spike...hit by a speeding BMW (speed limit is 30...routinely ignored). i feel for whoever the family is of the pet...i never want to see my dog get hit. i felt like i did more walking than running but i still managed to have a (relatively) great pace. as i rounded the corner near my house, there was a 4 year old outside playing with her brother. she comes right up to me and wants to know my name and if she can race me to her mailbox. so we "raced" and i "let" her win...then she watched me "race" home.

overall felt great. next run this week i want to try to get the last .2 miles so i can get an accurate picture of what i can expect for my first 5k next weekend.

total time: avg. pace 14:29.

my legs ache and are wobbly but considering that i have only done this 3 mile loop as a walk before...i say its a success...distance first and time will follow....

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