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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So I realized  I never blogged about my first 5k on Saturday. I wish I could encapsulate the feelings in words but there are no words. The whole experience (except for not sleeping the night before and getting up early) was amazing. I got to meet two great friends  from RWOL at the Suncoast Classic 5k. It was so great to finally put names and faces together. They were both very one picture (will post later), I looked scared out of my mind and they helped me relax. One friend (Lara)  was going for a 20-25 minute 5k and I knew I would be at the back so she started and stayed ahead. My friend Dianne (who is an awesome beast who runs every race in boots and a Marine Corps pack in solidarity with all the Marines who have served and sacrificed for her country) was planning on pacing me about 13 minutes/mile. I hung with her for a bit and then i cut back. But I tried to run as much as I could and just enjoyed myself. The volunteers were great, the course was good (although at the out and back...i started to wonder just how far down the turnaround was). I just felt great overall and was so thrilled to cross the finish line knowing I was going to come close to my goal of 40 minutes. I ended up with 40:48 for a chip time and I didnt finish last! So that in and of itself was great. Also, when I was coming around to the finish line for the 5k, DH was coming around the other corner to the same finish line for the 10k. apparently i was so intent on the finish line that i didnt see him and he ended up crossing the finish line about 15 feet behind me. he tried to catch me but i sped up as i saw the finish line. haha. overall, i gained an okay race t-shirt out of it and a so-so swag bag but i also gained the knowledge that i did it! This saturday is the Gasparilla Distance Classic weekend. I am doing the 5k and DH is doing the 15k on Saturday. My time will be posted to Facebook once i finish so hpoefully its a respectable one. My stretch goal is to be 39 minutes or under but I will be pleased with a time close to last weeks...considering i think i have a developing issue with my left foot (tendon? nerve? muscle? who knows). I want to get this 5k out of the way and then rest a couple of days so it doesnt become an issue.

PLus i know i slacked off a LOT during my parents' visit. So I have been pushing and have started running/walking longer or more. Now i get home from the skating rink and go out for at least a mile or so (although today I ended up just enjoying the conversation with DH that we ended up going 3 miles) plus Friday cross training. So if this satruday i can have a respectable showing....i will probably aim to do another 5k in april and one in may before spending the summer building up strength and endurance for a 10k attempt in october.

So i have been doing and feeling a lot better. I have just been a slacker in the posting department. :-) The 5k success was a big boost in the confidence department...i just need to harness that energy and use it on days that I feel like such a loser or a slacker. It definitely helps to run with someone.


  1. You flew the last 100 yrs! Love your mantra "Don't be a duck!"

  2. Awesome job. Sorry Im just now getting around to commenting on here. I think you did fabulous and totally blew your goal out of the water!
    P.S. This is Courtney ;)