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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crappy at keeping resolutions

So it's been a whole week since 2012 began. Let's see how my resolutions are coming:

1. Complete the 100 days challenge- well...I was doing good until Thursday when all hell broke loose at work involving a situation with a co-worker and I came home so stressed all I wanted to was curl up on the couch and open a bag of chips. So I did. I ran on Friday but had so much to do that I forgot to blog it (I did get a full 50 second negative split) and then yesterday I had a training and my hubby had car issues so I forwent my run for a trip to the grocery store and the Saints game. Who Dat!  Thus far - slipping.... seeing as how I am already 2 days behind. Must resolve not to fall any more days behind this coming week.

2. Complete couch to 5k - hahahaha haven't even followed it all week. I cant even run 3 minutes at a time. grrr. Heck, I am having issues running. On my run on Friday, I spent more time race walking than running and I had a negative split and a 14:00 avg pace..(I ran when I felt like it and walked when I felt like it). So I think I may be bumping myself back a week next week in an attempt to complete it. Status - on the rocks...I might just follow my own body and sorta keep up with the plan but hopefully running more days during the week. I find it easier to get into a rhythm to run after work. Weekends I tend to be lazy and it's harder to get my behind off the couch.

The rest of my resolutions (complete a 5k and a 10k) are on hold.  First 5k is at the end of Feb and potential 10k is in October (sign ups begin in March so I will use how I feel after the 5k to gauge my readiness for the 10k).

Anyhow, today I realized I was just feeling like sludge (woman issues? work stress? who knows) and I didn't feel like showing my face outside even though it was such a nice day. After watching the Atlanta Dirty Birds lose to the Giants, I pulled out the Wii and put in the Biggest Loser game. I already love that game more than the Wii Fit in many ways. The BL game has a more intense workout (I couldn't finish because my balance sucks and I realized I don't have enough room around me to do lunges, etc.) and places to enter foods and such. I got through 25 minutes of that and then threw in the Wii Fit. I use that to work more on balance, yoga, and different ways of aerobic fitness. I racked up 30 minutes on that for almost an hour total. On the BL game I was breaking a sweat right away and on the Wii fit, I didn't really break a sweat at all until the end when I did the hula hoop and "jog".

So it's not pretyt and I'm back on the couch under my warm blanket but I moved. This week is exam week at work and so that coupled with the issue I am dealing with is going to make my afternoon runs imperative. I just feel run down and blah. grr.

I do feel somewhat rejuvinated though about my goal to do a marathon soon. Today was the Disney marathon and two of my online friends competed and finished! WOOHOO to them! One day I will run with them. The early pictures look like like it was a fun time. If I didn't have stuff going on over the weekend I may have gone over to cheer them on.

Ok enough babbling... back to my book...

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  1. I never followed a plan when I started out.. Sometimes I wonder if I should have, but meh, it worked for me. *shrug* Feeling tied down to a plan would make me stress. I just ran by how I felt - and still do. Some days I start out only planning on 1 or 2 miles but end up doing a long run. I say run by feel for a while and see how that goes for you.