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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby it's cold outside...

Maybe I am lazy but it was too cold for me to go running without the proper gear today. I was just about to suck up the energy to go when the mail came and voila


Thank you to one of the Runners World Online posters who had a spare set of the board and the game and sent it to me for's rare to see awesome people who just do good things in the world still

That made my 30 minutes of working out easy today. I set up the board (and while I don't know how accurate this thing is) and I had a BMI of around 26-27 (normal is around 22) and my "Wii Fit age" is 44. WTF? I didn't realize I was THAT out of shape...

So I spent most of my 30 minutes doing balance excersizes (The Wii actually asked if I tripped when I walked...) and then some core strengthening and then some aerobics. The hula hoop game is actually really fun. I cna't wait to try some more of this later. I also own the Biggest Loser game so I am hoping to try that this week.

Overall, got my 30 minutes of working out in, realizing that it's not as easy as it looks. I'm looking to use this as PART of my cross training...

So cross off day 3 of the 100 day challenge but not my most aeorobic ever...

Tomorrow is off the running I think because I hit the ice rink and I hope my knee cooperates....I dont want to risk injury...


  1. I fell off the blog world for a while, but I'm back-- and glad to see you're still at it! Way to go-- if it's too crummy out and I don't feel like running, I tend to cuddle up with blankets and enjoy being lazy...perhaps I need a wii fit board! :)

  2. I love even without reading your blog I still (kinda) know whats going on thanks to dailymile and facebook - Just call me Miss Stalker!

    Have you seen the 12 new cross fit experiences challenge on Just Trying is for Little Girls blog? That might be something to sign up for. I signed up for it. Basically you just try 12 new cross training experiences in 2012.

    This is her blog: