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Monday, January 2, 2012

Another day, another run

I think I have hit a plateau of sorts. This week I was supposed to go up to week 3 of the couch to 5k program where you run for 90 seconds and then run for 3 minutes (with walks in between). Today I barely made it 2 minutes and then alternated running and walking as I felt able to. My knee isn't bothering me much today (yet) so we'll see how it feels later. It felt good to get out there even if it felt like I was trudging along not doing a whole lot. Some guy passed me on the run and he looked like he was keeping a nice 8 or 9 minute mile pace and just was flying in the zone. Part of me wanted to curse him because I felt like a damn snail next to him as I kept picking out marks in the distance and not being able to reach them running. grr. one day...ONE DAY I will be able to run more than 75% of my current route. It's a dream.

Positives: I had my first negative split today!!! It was only a 9 second difference but it was still a negative split. When I heard my 1 mile time on the phone, I vowed to myself that I wouldnt go slower than that the next mile. I did a LOT of alternating running and walking and I ran some of my loop (which is  usually the cool down walk) but it's nice to know I can do it. But my 2.1 miles usually takes me about 34-35 minutes to complete so at this pace, I will do my 5k in about 45 minutes...My goal is to be under 40 for the first time out.

Oh, randomness: I have discovered Vitamin Water and I like it. It tastes like the juice that I have been drinking but NO CALORIES...and even's naturally sweetened with stevia so I can drink it (I don't do synthetic sweeteners well at all). Another notch in my health kick belt!

Anyhow, we are taking down the tree tonight and that means my house will be back to normal. YAY!!!

So the lovely specs before I go hit the showers:
2.16 miles (usual loop on Storington Drive)
33.12 total time
avg speed (including warm up and cool down): 15:21
max cruising speed: 9:43 (nice to know I can do it...can't wiat til I get to the point where that is my avg)
mile 1: 14:57
mile 2: 14:48 (YAY Negative Split!!!!)


  1. 9 seconds is a lot! Just look at the elite marathon times :) I sometimes see a nice low pace like that and wish it was my average. This year Im hoping to train a little faster in hopes of getting faster.

    I think my first 5K goal was to do it in under 45 minutes and without officially timing it - since I didnt have a watch - and it was a "fun run" I did it. My PR isnt much better lol Im destined to be slow.

    I took my trees down days ago.

  2. I think I'm destined to be slow too. But the nice thing is...whenever we run a race together we can run together :-) Will be nice to run with a friend!