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Monday, December 26, 2011

Wow...I suck today

I woke up this morning knowing I had to go out. But I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. And it wasn't. And now I want to cry.

barely 50 degrees...misty...foggy...breezy. Temp felt good...the rest was miserable.

add to that the fact that I stepped up to C25K week 3 today....go up to 90 sec-3 min running at a time.

Wasn't a good day. The streets here in my in-laws sub division are all concrete with no sidewalks or grassy medians so that is already playing havoc on my knees. Plus my glasses kept fogging up so bad I couldnt see.

Not to mention that I couldn't go the full 3 minutes on my I got was 2. grrr. I also increased distance which just meant a longer walk of shame home.

I might go out and do some redemption later but its supposed to rain and thunder and be dreary all day. tomorrow is going to be sunny so that will hopefully lead to better runs.

Endomondo says:
- 2.63 miles
40:08 min (mostly walking...i go faster on the treadmill....)
15:17 avg pace
mile 1: 13:29 (not bad...was feeling halfway decent)
mile 2: 15:02 (more walking than running as my knees and body just gave up)

is it sad that the last .63 miles took me almost 12 minutes to do? i find it extremely sad. Boy did I suck today....

and this time there is nothing to blame but myself.

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  1. Ok, Im in no way making fun of you, but I had to laugh at the walk of shame remark. I have made it all too often myself. Its such a mental thing with me and I feel like crap for having to walk a lot, but Im sure others who see me out often and have seen me since I started running find it pretty amazing that I actually run as much as I do now. Im amazed myself. Sometimes when Im driving the route I run I think "Wow this is a long way to run I cant believe I can run the whole distance" A year ago I would never have thought I could.

    It was a yucky day all day outside. I wanted to run but it was cold and hard rain and I chickened out ;) ended up on the treadmill for longer than I would have went outside but much tougher. Its funny you go faster on the treadmill.. I go much much slower. My 2.5 miles today was even slower than your 2.63 :)