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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Yes I am becoming a runner...I even run on vacation!

Got up this morning and it was about 50-55 and cloudy...perfect morning for going out. So I map out my intended route on Daily Mile and it said about 2.25 miles...perfect!

DH came with me as I did the last day of the couch to 5K week 2 (run 90 seconds, walk 2 min) and was very impressed at how much I had improved since the last time we ran together. He would run with me on my 90 seconds and then run ahead before circling back on my walks.

Positives- could easily run 4 intervals of 90 seconds each with barely a 2 min walk in between (a HUGE imrpovement from a few weeks ago).

Negatives- the streets here are all concrete which means grrr on the knees. plus i didnt realize there was an earlier cross street in my loop. I took the earlier cross street thinking it was the one I wanted...and when i got home i realized i had only gone 1.5 miles. so it was a short route with a slow pace (i blame the concrete)...but it felt good to get out there after 2 days off.

So tonight (Christmas Eve) my mother in law is cooking a huge turkey dinner and so tomorrow will be a glorious rest day munching on leftovers and enjoying Christmas presents.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

Oh Endomondo decided to work today! WOOT!

1.56 miles
15:41 avg pace
14:57 mile split.

not the best but definitely an improvement over the 16+ paces! Now off to enjoy some cookies!!

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  1. Hope you had a great Christmas! I wanted to run, but only managed a short one on Christmas Eve... definitely not enough to make up for all the food I ate.

    How often do you run wih DH? I bet he will be amazed in another week or so to see more progress from you.