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Saturday, December 31, 2011

I suppose there should be no rest for the runner

After Monday's run, life and vacation got in the way and I didn't run for 4 days. Tuesday we went out playing tourist in the NOLA area and getting beignets (mmmmmmmm), Wednesday I went with my mother in law out to do stuff and then we had dinner with the extended family at my nephew-in-law's new restaurant and Thursday we drove home. Yesterday I knew I should have run but I was extremely lazy and took down the Christmas stuff instead...

Which brings me to today...

My right knee has been twingy since Monday (I love my in laws but hate their concrete streets) so I wasn't too sure on what I should expect for today. I also knew that 4 days off would not mean a stellar workout for me. So I went out and did my two miles with the GOAL of running for 3 minutes at a time. HAHAHA. Nope. 60-90 seconds at a time was the best I could muster with 1-2 minute walks (sometimes longer) in between. Calves burned and knee ached (thats what I get for not stretching...stupid me). But I got out there.  When I came back i even grabbed the dog and went out for a nice 1.5 mile cooldown.

And vowed to myself that I will never take 4 straight days off again.

Tomorrow starts a new year and the John Bingham 100 day challenge of doing 30+ minutes of some sort of running or walking every day for 100 days straight. I plan on using that to increase time, speed, endurance, etc in preparation for my first 5k at the end of Feburary.  Plus my Wii Fit is supposed to be comin gin the mail soon (and I am hoping to to buy the Biggest Loser game to go with it) for cross training.

Plus I got a new I-phone for Christmas...the Endomondo for I-phone is so much better than the one for the droid. YAY!

Running Specs:
2.14 miles
mile 1-15:32
mile 2-16:01
16:16 total avg pace (due to the last .14 where i slowly walked looking at the houses for sale in the area).
max speed (something I didnt get on t he droid): 9:56 min/mile. Not a bad pace when I am running. The goal is to keep it there!

1.53 miles
22:43 pace

Okay time to go take down the tree and get ready for tonight!

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