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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Redemption is SWEET!

After yesterday's disaster of a run, I laced up and decided to do a repeat of my plan on the same course (2 miles: run 90 seconds and walk 2 min after a 5 min warmup). I did much much better than yesterday in terms of how i felt and how much I ran vs. walked.

More lessons learned:
- it HURTS when you step from the sidewalk to the grass and land hard on your right ankle and it WILL break your stride. no injury but i had to stop running for a bit and cut that 90 seconds short (only about 75 seconds).
- Running while it's cloudy and windy actually isn't bad....i almost brought a jacket but am very glad I didn't...the breeze felt good after a while.
- It's ok to repeat days of C25K as needed. I sometimes feel like I want to kick myself because I'm progressing slightly slower than the plan wants me to. But i have noticed that when I try to push myself too soon it's not pretty. But I try not to give up and eventually, I can tell when I'm ready to increase myself.  I should be able to get one more day of week 2 in and then next week progress to week 3! :-) That's where the real running begins.

Overall, a much better time out there. I did 2-3 90 second runs and 2 60 second runs. C25K wants me out there for 20 minutes but I find myself out there for 30 minutes but I go I suppose those 60 second runs are more endurance building than anything else. There was one time when I had to stop because I felt like I was literally going to puke or stop breathing. but i walked it out 30 seconds and kept going.

Anyhow, time to shower up and clean house. Then heading out to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert this afternoon! For me, THAT is when Christmas begins!

Endomondo says:
2.02 miles
31:44 total
15:41 avg pace (must have been those last .02 miles walking that added up)
mile 1 15:35
mile 2 15:40

I have been hovering around a 15:30 pace for a while...I can't wait when my average pace drops. I pulled a 12-13 min pace in a race so I know I can do it. HOpefully when I get into more running and less walking that will happen!

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  1. Better to go slower and be smart than to push yourself too much and risk injury. You are progressing already! I know its hard to NOT focus on pace but try not to let it get you down if your pace doesnt quicken fast. I started running a year ago where you are. It took me many months to build endurance and eventually gain a little speed.. But then I slacked and I feel like Im starting all over. Its discouraging even more for me now to compared my pace now with what it used to be, but I think back to when I began and I feel a little better that it will improve.