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Monday, December 12, 2011

Frying my shorts...

Some days I wonder if this (trying to run) is really worth it.

Take today for example....I go out and for some stupid reason (physical? mental? I dont know), I can barely get 60 seconds on a run. It's not that I am tired or breathing extremely hard. My legs just STOP. It happened last week too. So after about two rounds of that, I thought "screw it, I'm walking home." This is barely 1 mile into my journey.

So I walk. And I mean POWER walk....felt rather good actually. Didn't have the same nagging leg cramps that I did while running. And I kept going. When I got home, I found that power walking put me within one minute of my average RUNNING pace time. WTF? So maybe I'm just having an off day mentally...but it really fries my shorts that I can bust my behind and feel like I am going to pass our or puke trying to run 60-90 seconds at a time (a 5K? who are YOU fooling? I'll rejoice when I can run 1 mile without stopping)...and then power walk and find myself going almost the same speed.

What am I doing wrong? Sometimes I get real jealous of the people who say "oh I'm going for an easy run today...3-4 miles" EASY?? are you KIDDING me?? for me, easy is walking my 2 miles.  Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a runner in the mental state. I wonder if I can hit a 14 minute mile while walking...then I could still enter my races but walk 99% of it.

Does anyone else have this issue? seriously? Cause I feel like a loser right now....

Endomondo says:
2.01 miles
16:39 pace
15:51 mile 1
17:22 mile 2

damn it I'm getting slower. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  1. Erin, try not to get too discouraged. April 2010 I could not run if my life depended on it and you see what I'm posting to dailymile these days. You are building endurance one day at a time, even if it's just speed walking. Even after losing weight, getting fit from biking, and having a history of running it took me a while before I built up my endurance to the point where I could run for any distance without stopping. I also pushed too hard in my first attempt at running and injured myself!

    Accept your current pace and stop pushing so hard, put in the mile and watch the pace come down over time.


  2. Thanks Eric. I have to remember that I am a newbie. I just have no patience and want to be there NOW :-)

  3. I know that when I start up running, for a long time I seem too get slower and slower, and more worn down. Then I take a short break (4-5 days) and come back stronger. Just remember, Rome wasn't built in a day! I realize how cliche that is, but its good motivation to stick with something difficult in my opinion. Also remember, as soon as you took your first step on a jog you became a runner! You can do it!

  4. Brett makes a good point. If you have a good few days, but keep getting slower then take a few days off ( at least 2 ) to recuperate. Running is one of those sports that really taxes the body and many of the best gains are made at rest, not when beating yourself up. Even the most impressive training schedules have one or two days a week for recuperation.

    I totally understand the "no patience" thing. It gets me in a lot of trouble. Take up another activity to do with the running so that you can flop back and forth depending on how your legs are doing on any particular week.

    Good luck!