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Friday, December 9, 2011

Learned my lesson

Never go more than 2 days without at least some sort of exercise. Lesson learned.

So I did a quick mile and a half with the dog on Tuesday and then Wednesday and Thursday were swamped. I promised myself I would duplicate Monday's feat...or at least go out today.

Is it common to once in a while have one of those days that the moment you step foot on the pavement, you know that it won't be a good run? I had one of those days today...

I did my minimum 2 miles but instead of feeling like I was flying like I did on felt like a death march. My legs would stop running on me for no good reason and I'd look at my watch and realize I hadn't even gone a minute. I did manage a good 80 second lope a couple of times but my recovery walk in between was longer.

I could look on the bright side: I got myself out there when all I really  wanted to do was come home and crash after a LONG week at work. But now I can go out Christmas shopping and then go out again tomorrow morning (hopefully in a better frame of mind).

Endomondo specs:
2.03 miles
33:02 time
16:15 avg pace
15:30 mile 1
16:56 mile 2

Tomorrow is another day...


  1. Some days are better than others. The thing you want to do is make it a habit so the days you don't run, something feels amiss. But kudos for going out and going you minimum mileage. :-)


  2. Some runs just suck. They do. But, you did precisely what you have to do. If you're not hurt, sometimes you just have to gut it out for the minimum and call it done. Good job!

  3. Good job for you for sticking with it when you knew immediately that it was going to suck. Sometimes I try to convince myself that it wont suck, but sucky runs are good sometimes. It makes the good ones even better