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Monday, December 5, 2011

Almost a 5k!!!

Best. Run. EVER. Even better than the Clearwater Turkey Trot!

No pain. Just hard breathing and heart pounding goodness. I am STOKED!

After taking a 3 day break from running (I actually felt really lazy and started worrying if I was losing motivation), I decided to go out. I had to test my new sports watch (not a Garmin...just a basic watch) that DH bought for my birthday. I figured out how to program it to beep ever 90 seconds and off i went. My Endomondo decided not to work so I have NO clue as to my pace...which ticks me off because I felt I had the best pace yet!

Anyhow, walk felt good and at the 5 minute mark, off I went. I just sang along with my MP3 and watched for cars as I was running in the street. I actually seemed surprised when my watch beeped the 90 seconds...i almost kept going but decided to stop and take a 3 minute walk (c25k says 2 minutes but i didnt want to screw up my watch). first 90 seconds of the walk was devoted to recovery and second 90 seconds was devoted to power walking as best as i could. I felt so good i didnt even realize i had gone by my usual turn around point and was committed to going around the BIG loop (see Daily Mile map). I shrugged and kept going. As more and more cars kept coming, i just hopped in the grassy median and pretty much stayed there the entire run. When i tried to go onto the concrete sidewalk, my calves yelled at me so I stayed off of there except for my walks. At one point, a runner came up behind me and passed me just as I was about to start another 90 second run. I didn't even plan it but for my entire 90 seconds, I tailed that person and kept pace with them. I was too nervous to ask their pace but knew it was faster htan i had ever gone. I started to get a little tired around mile 2 and the last mile was devoted to cooling down. I met up with DH, who had done his 3.2 around the same loop and had gone home to get the dog.  We walked the last mile and I don't think he fully believed me that I was going 90 seconds at a time (our last co-run together was me barely making it 60) so I set my watch and took off and raced him home...I won :-) :-)

Overall, no leg pain!!!! I think that's partly of endurance buildup in the muscles and partly because of running on the grass and street rather than concrete. I just pretty much set my watch to go off every 90 seconds and got into a rhythm and turned up the music and went. I'm sure I was scaring some people with singing (and hand movements) along to some of my music but at this point, I don't care.

I feel great. Might do a mile tomorrow just to get some mileage in.

Now DH is going to make me dinner because he is AWESOME like that!!!

p.s. Khourtney...I feel bad that my Endomondo didn't work or else I would have gotten you Losh's 5k without even realizing it...

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  1. I am excited for you! Congrats on beating the hubby too :)
    No worries about the 5k. I bet you will do plenty more before the 25th. You are doing fantastic and making me feel like a lazy bum. I have lots to catch up with on your blog!