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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Feeling hot, hot, hot...

December 17th and its 80 degrees when I run. I love Florida. :-)

Another lesson learned: Don't run in the middle of the afternoon when its 80 out. All you'll do is sweat profusely and you won't go as far as you want to. Wait until twilight or early morning.

Took a couple of days off totally and I think that is helping me out a LOT. Since I started doing 100% rest days (no 3 mile walks) between runs, my gait is starting to improve as is my stamina. My leg muscles no longer scream out at me every 60 seconds and my pace is improving. WOOHOO. As I have upped my gait and pace I am back to running about 60-90 seconds at a time before walking but I am also decreasing the amount of walk time between runs. Today I did my normal 2 mile loop in about 27 minutes. Stupid GPS on Endomondo screwed up again and told me I had gone 498 mph for 119 miles. Don't I wish. I dont know my mile splits or my  exact pace but I know it was about a 13-14 minute pace, which is a HUGE improvement from the last couple of weeks.

It would have kept me off of the MCM straggler bus :-)

I am hot, sweaty, but not achy and tired. I am starting to hit the point where I need to start pushing for increased endurance and stamina to increase my run times from 90 seconds to 2-3 minutes. I have done one 2:30 running set already (most of that was running out frustration and adrenaline) so I know I can do it. I just have to start pushing myself when my legs or lungs say no.

Any good breathing techniques/ideas? That's what was slowing me up today...I would feel like i was getting out of breath and so I would slow down to catch my breath and then speed back up... to the showers and to a Christmas party...always a fun time. Really.

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  1. My heart rate messes with my breathing. I dont have any advice there :/