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Monday, December 19, 2011

Always look on the bright side of life...or at least the run

As usual, I learned a few lessons today:

1. Just because you were able to run lights out from the get-go on your last run, does NOT mean you will be able to do so successfully the next time.
2. Stepping off the curb wrong will HURT if you are running...
3. It's easier to keep going rather than give up.
4. Stretching is your FRIEND.

Since it's now Christmas break, I decided I was going to run in the morning to get it out of the way. Today is a great day for running..sunny, mid 60s, light breeze. WOOT. So I lace up and head on out, intent on repeating the good workouts of the last few days.

I remembered I was able to just start running from the moment I stepped off of my street the other day so, intent on not regressing, thats what I started with today. I got about  75 seconds of a run in before my legs and my breathing gave out. I'm trying to keep pushing beyond that but when I feel like I am about to pass out...thats when I stop to walk. That felt issues. So I walked a bit and then kept going. Got about 45 seconds into it and noticed my knee aching so I stopped.  Walked about another minute or so and then tried to run. Almost immediately I stepped down from the curb wrong crossing the street on my left leg and stumbled. No pops or cracks but definitely an ache in my ankle/shin. With both legs whining in crampy pain, I could have just cut my run short. But I didn't. I just walked the rest of the way (power walking of course).

I had planned on adding another .25 miles or so onto my distance to see what it was like and overall it wasn't too bad. Will probably keep it in mind as I progress. I kick myself for not stretching and warming up because I bet thats what caused the crappy run (but good walk) I had today. And it felt good personally that I didnt give up. Once I go out, I have a minimum in mind...and nothing short of falling and breaking my leg will get me to stop early. I suppose thats a good mindset to have going out in an actual race situation...

Anyhow, when I got home and did my pace calculations, I was rather pleased. GPS on the Endomondo was being stupid again but thank GOD for Daily Mile and my watch where I can time my workouts. It's not a PERFECT calculation but it does the job. I was out on my walk/run for 34:25 and went 2.22 miles...which works out to be around a 15:30 pace. Thats around what I was hitting with c25k running! So it's encouraging to see my pace times dropping, which indicates I am improving, even if I dont always feel like I am.

I might go back out later with the dog to see how it feels...any mile is a good mile :-)


  1. I'm getting an image from a Monty Python movie... Eric Idle singing "Always look on the bright side of life..."

    Anyway, I digress. Nice run/walk! Keep up the great work!

  2. I <3 Three :) - For me the beginning is always the hardest. Sometimes on my "long runs" I struggle through the first few miles until I finally get into a groove, but the first little bit always sucks it right out of me. If I can push myself through it most of the time Im ok, but Ive found when I do stop and walk that I end up walking a lot more through the run. Now, I just try to slow down, but going any slower I might as well walk ;)