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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Waddling a new PR

Today was a DAY. I took my dog to school for the doggie day care. Well she got bit in the ear by another dog which meant an emergency trip to the vet and emergency surgery to get stitches. wow.

So i finally get home and, remembering my reading from yesterday, I ignored my plan and just ran. I was like Forrest Gump: no rules...when I felt like running I ran and when I felt like walking I walked. I didn't stay out nearly as long as I wanted to because it was getting dark and my head was swimmingly dizzy where I wasnt able to focus on the road. I did time how long I ran just for my own knowledge...on my longest running spurts I was over 2:30 at a time and my shortest spurts were about 75 seconds. When I ran I felt like I had opened up and I was GOING...not holding back and it felt WONDERFUL...I even was able to pick up the pace a bit and push myself until I felt like I couldn't go anymore...

and I was rewarded greatly....I even ran INTO my house (well...through the front door).

Endomondo says:

1.45 miles
20:00 even
11:09 mile split ----> new PR!!!!!! 

I just realized I PRed....OMG that feels so great. and all because I just put aside all the plans and RAN and pushed stride felt great and open, my lungs sucked in the needed air, and the only thing stopping me from going farther was it getting dark and street running in a semi-busy residential neighborhood didn't seem like a good idea....


  1. Oh my! So sorry to hear about your dog.
    Lately Ive not ran outside. Too tired in the morning and too dark when my mom gets off to watch the kids. Thats my excuse lol

    CONGRATS on your new PR!!!!