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Thursday, December 1, 2011

C25K W1D2 finally....

Almost didn't run tonight. The lazy monster was out. Thank GOD for my husband. After our little tiff the other night he agreed to run with me and be a much more supportive coach. So we went out and early on agreed to a 5 minute walk and then 60 seconds of running and then 90 seconds of walking (then repeat). It's a nice night out the upper 60s so the run felt good. I worked on making sure my gait and feet were doing what they should be doing. My hubby explained what he was trying to do when he was yelling out landmarks to me on our tough run over the weekend. After I ran for 60 seconds, he said to pick a landmark to run to so that I slowly add a few seconds onto my time as a way to build endurance. So overall on my 60 seconds of running i was really going 65 or so seconds.

After the 20-25 minutes of that, we briskly walked home and decided to pick up the dog and go for an extra .5 miles around our loop. Overall, I feel really good now that I am home. Having the time to walk out the aches was good as was doing some warm up stretching. During the runs my muscles were still screaming at me...still working that out. There isn't a whole lot to B###H about tonight. YAY! Realized after we got home that I went farther in one round than I ever had before!

Endomondo specs:
2.43 miles
mile 1: 14:57
mile 2: 16:30 (mostly walking)
avg. pace: 16:14


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