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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lack of energy and desire to go

I was soooo lazy today and yet I still ache. After Sunday's run with the hubby I realized that I need to push my endurance rather than distance or time at the moment. It rained yesterday so there was no way I was going out. Today it's cooler and sunny so I put on my pants and sweatshirt and headed out.

Started off with a 3 minute or so walk and then committed to running for 60 seconds straight (now that I have a visual of how far I need to run). Even the moment I started out I knew I was slow. My stride didn't feel right and I felt like I was shuffling rather than running. But I forced myself to go the full distance and so far so good. I walked for probably another 2-3 minutes and then went again and I started to feel a sharp twinge in my left knee that moved down to my left calf. I barely made my distance goal and then I walked for a good 4 minutes (by comparison, my training regiment only calls for 90 seconds). The longer I walked, the less I ran. I think I did a total of 5 stretches of running and only 3-4 of them were about the right time (60 seconds). However, the longer I went, my stride felt a little bit better and i felt like my speed was picking up. Yet I couldn't maintain for a full distance. My calf killed as did my knee. Realized that was due to full running on concrete...when i went off into the grass i felt better but there were so many ruts that I couldnt stay on the grass. on grass, the pain lessened. On concrete, the pain increased. Imagine that.

I finally walked the rest of the way home (5-6 minutes). God some days I feel like a failure at this. I have such a great day at work and then a crappy unfocused run. I might go out again later to do some redemption miles.

Ever have days when you question your commitment level? Today is one of least in terms of running.

so...the Endomondo specs:
1.66 miles
26:36 time
15:33 mile split
16:01 min/mile avg.

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