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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quick run

Just did a quick mile out and back today to keep myself in the habit. Knees still very crampy and aching even when running with aspirin...this might not be a good thing. I walked 3/4 of it (ugh...would love to up that ratio but I'm a pain wuss and won't run through the ache). I hope running is like figure skating for me in the sense that I would spend weeks and weeks on one or two moves and never get it right and then one day step onto the ice and do it without any effort.

I did sign up for a holiday running/walking challenge on RW. I set my goal for 5.5 weeks at 40 miles...doesnt seem like a lot but for me that will be huge (thats around 8 miles a week). I just want to do my team, the Galloping Gobblers, proud! :-)

I skated this morning as well and my knees hurt on the ice too. I worked through it and did my usual repertoire of edges, crossovers, spiral, lunge (ouch on the knees) spin and waltz jump. Not too bad for half an hour. I just wish my legs didn't cramp up so much even doing mundane things....

Debating on the wisdom of going out tomorrow...even for another out and race is only a mile on Thursday and I know I will be near the back of the I push myself to improve or let my body rest and let the adrenaline take me on Thursday?

Endomondo specs before I forget:

1.04 miles
16:28 time
3.78 mph avg
15:51 min/mile

Time to hit the showers and find something productive to do....


  1. If you must go out, walk it and save some for thursday.

  2. I agree to always save some energy for the race, unless its a fun run and you dont really care about time.. But also the adrenaline from the race atmosphere will help you!