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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hot, hot, hot....

86 degrees in November + starting to think I am Superwoman = one hot, tired, and VERY VERY sore Erin.

I think I understand what fellow RW Penguin Damaris was saying about's still too darn hot out. I only went 1.78 miles and I felt like I was going to DIE! The worst part actually isn't the sweating...i can swig some water and's the pain.

Remember how I said on Friday's blog that I pushed myself farther and was rewarded with some achiness in my quads? Then yesterday I walked around Disney... my quads and my knees are hurting. It's not a sore hurts (slightly...I'm still able to walk) every time I step. I asked my runner DH and he said it was probably more of a bone hurt rather than a muscle hurt...whatever it is, my legs are rebelling...badly. I may not move from the couch (except maybe to take a shower and cook dinner) for a while. Tomorrow, in order to keep myself in a getting out habit, I will probably take the dog for a long walk but I may forego the run...I would like to be able to move on Thursday. But the good thing is that I am going minimum of 1.7 miles or so and thursday is only one mile so maybe i'll get a decent time in my first race.

The heat and my Pandora app f**king up (buffered more than it played) kept me from running as much as I wanted to. I tried to pick it up and even had a semi-decent stride starting to develop until a) my legs hurt and b) my music stopped in its tracks. I really want to have that moment that I have heard people talking about where they pretty much lose themselves in running and dont even realize they are running because they are so lost in thought. I probably would just trip over something

Anyhow, before i completely pass are the specs courtesy of Endomondo:

1.79 miles
27:31 time
15:23 min/mile
1 mile split:15:06

not my best but about par for where i have been...anything is better than where i started I suppose. I just get frustrated sometimes that I am not progressing as fast as I want to....

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  1. Have you purchased new "running" shoes that suit your stride? That may help with most of the pain. Remember too that recovery is important and that taking days off, or skipping days between running is actually good for you. On those non running days walking is a great alternative. Dont let the frustrations of not progressing quickly irritate you too much. Just continuing keeping track and looking back every month and you will see progress. Sometimes we do good and others not so well, dont let those bad runs affect the good ones. Some times I have horrible weeks but that one good run changes it all and makes me remember why I love running.