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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Walking It Out

So today I am taking a day off of trying to run because my 1 miler is tomorrow morning at 8:30. But, knowing that I need to build up endurance and tolerance, I took Ashley (my dog) for a long walk around the big loop in my development. Overall, I felt really good (my knees are still protesting that they ache) and I even had a couple of brief 30-60 second running spurts in there. The dog wanted to stop but I didnt let her and she was lagging behind as we rounded the last .1 mile or she is collapsed on the floor panting lol. It's cooler here than yesterday (a whopping 76 degrees...yeah I know I suck) but the humidity still feels there.

I think if I walk/run/walk/run the Clearwater Turkey Trot mile tomorrow I should be fine. My goals are to not finish last and to have around a 14 minute time. Not too worried on the time thing as I am racing for the first time. I am just now wondering at what point do I start keeping track of PRs...are they race only or anytime you go out ?

Endomondo AND Pandora worked great today (Springsteen channel had a lot of songs that kept my walking pace up...even ran during "Badlands"...that song makes me accelerate no matter if i am walking or driving!)

Specs for the walk (because I keep track of them all now...)

2.75 miles (dailymile is trying to tell me 2.8 but i dont think so)
47:19 time
3.49 mph (I go faster on the treadmill)
17.12 min/mile

anyone know the generic cutoff time for a 5k "sag wagon"? I dont plan on walking an entire 5k in March but it might be a good thing to keep in the back of my mind...if i had kept going today it would have probably been an hour and 10 minutes for the 5k distance.

ok off to clean house and make pies for tomorrow!


  1. Dailymile rounds up sometimes and it drives me nuts.. Ive never been in a 5K with a cutoff time, so Im not sure there is one. I guess some races might have them but I imagine its over an hour.

  2. A lot of people count race only as PRs because of the "proof" of the time and proof of the distance.. But to me, a PR is a PR no matter where it was ran. I have a Garmin now that keeps track of all of that so I go by that. My "PR" for a mile is around 9:12 .. And that was not from a race.
    I think you will easily get the mile in 14 minutes!