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Friday, November 18, 2011

Ow Ow Ow...hurts so good...

YAY!!! Vacation has started for me!!! I was probably happier than the kids to hear the final bell ring today knowing that school is out until the 28th. My last period of the day is my most challenging one because of the students in there and their defiance issues...getting them to do ANYTHING (including a simple movie today) is like pulling teeth. they would rather sit around the table and talk and ignore any directives I give. grr

so i had a lot of annoyance to run out today. I haven't run officially since Tuesday but Wednesday I skated and yesterday I walked probably about two miles during the course of the school day because of outside events. So today I put my headphones on and headed out, semi-ignoring the c25k plan and just run how i felt when i felt. As usual I had a decent length run (2-3 minutes maybe) before walking and then each successive run was shorter and shorter. I forced myself to go a bit of a longer distance than I have before and even when I didnt want to I tried to run at least every 60-90 seconds.

For the first time, my breathing didnt really bother me (as in not running because felt out of breath) but my leg muscles were practically screaming at me to stop. This time it wasn't my thigh muscles but my calf muscles. They seemed to ache from the moment I first stepped foot on the pavement. Even now after my run and I'm sitting here with some water, they are still aching. grrr. I thought I had stretched but evidently not right or enough. I know some of the aching pain is because I am making them work in a way they haven't worked in a while but I didn't think it would ache like this.

All in all a fairly successful outing considering I havent run in 3 days. I feel pretty decent (despite the leg pain) and am comfortable enough to start adding some distance to my workout. Might start week 2 of the c25k program on my next run outing to see how I am doing with that and then slwoly progress. I know its a progression for a reason..

Only a week to go until the Turkey trot miler! I go Monday to pick up my packet and such! :-)

Anyhow, the nitty gritty: the Endomondo specs (now that I have it working correctly):

Distance: 1.78 miles
Duration: 26:26
Avg. Pace: 14:51 min/mile.

I can see the pace creeping downward...still would be on the Marine Corps Marathon straggler bus but no worries since I'm not running the MCM (yet....maybe in a couple of years).

Now off to guzzle some water and wait out the achy muscles to decide if they will stop aching on their own as i rest or if I should pop some asprin. Oh, and play Lego Harry Potter :-)


  1. You're doing great. Aerobic fitness is the first to respond/improve, then muscles, then bones and tendons. Keep up the good work!

  2. The muscles might take a while to warm up to this new activity, but stretching and icing should help. I like how you are judging your pace according to being on the MCM sag wagon.. I think thats a nice motivation to increaes the pace over the long run. You will be plenty excited when it comes and you will be saying Im X ahead of the bus.