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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back in the saddle...

I have a confession (another one)

I didn't run all weekend.

I played Lego Harry Potter instead.

I ran on Friday and made it through and then had every intention of running either Saturday or Sunday...but the little Lego characters drew me in.

Ok, I know it's my fault that I allowed that to happen.

Now enough crap news.

I ran again today. I wanted to do C25K week 1 again because i slacked somewhat last week. So i get home from work and immediately get into a fight with the bread dough trying to make yeast rolls. An hour later, I am covered in flour, have doughy hands, and feel like I Love Lucy in the I decided to just get my butt out of hte house.

I turned on my Endomondo app on my Android and the GPS is out of whack...after i had only gone around the block, it said i had gone a mile and a half and by the time all is said and done, it said i had gone 68.80 miles at 226 miles per hour. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Don't I wish...

All laughing aside, I felt really good when I ran today. I went up a different route and I think I wenet about a mile and a half total in about 18 minutes. I didn't pay attention to time but instead plugged into my Pandora app and just tried to run for most of a song and then rest and then repeat. when i checked, i was finding that I would run for about 2 minutes at a time and then resting for about 60-90 seconds. I did about 4 rounds. Towards the end i found i was slowing down to about 60 second runs and minute long walks. i would have gone around my loop an extra time but my husband came home from work and leashed up the dog and found me about halfway home so I just walked home with them. When i got hom my legs were tired but i honestly felt like i could have kept going tonight which was a first for me.

Tomorrow is a rest day from running/cross training day. In my other life, I am an adult figure skater and Wednesday nights are my nights at the rink. I haven't been on the ice since I started running so I can't wait to see how it affects my speed and agility on the ice.

I am just so happy that I finally feel like I could have kept going on my run tonight. Maybe Thursday or Friday when I go out again, I will up/lengthen the workouts. My goal is to be able to run the vast majority of my mile race on Thanksgiving Day...just so long as I don't finish last.

Now off to see how my yeast rolls turn out...and to clean the kitchen....


  1. Hi Erin! I found your blog from my blog isn't about running, but I did just start trying to get in even better shape with running. I used to play rugby (last year) and I recently lost over ten pounds by changing eating habits (kicked out the fast food, lots of processed stuff, try to make everything at home, tons of fruits and veggies, etc), and so I decided it was time to up my fitness level with running! Anyways, it seems as though we're pretty close with when we started running (I started four days ago) so I figured I could check in every once in a while and perhaps we could keep one another motivated!
    (also, those LEGO games are so damned cute, I don't blame you one bit.)

  2. Hi Keighly! Welcome to my blog!! Good luck on the running. I'm sitll fledgling...i hear it takes 20+ days to create a habit so we'll see :-) I havent changed eating habits yet but i probably should :-)

  3. Yeah, I'm working on running becoming a permanent part of my life, but it feels different this time, so I hope it sticks! And I think that changing my eating habits helped me be able to run like I am this time, but I'm not quite sure if it's that, or something else. Anyways, keep it up, and I'll do the same! :D

  4. Running for 2 minutes? What?!? You go!!! I remember reading not too long ago how you were struggling with 60 seconds. Look at that progress!! Figure skater, huh? Im not coordinated enough for something like that. Its a battle just staying upright running. Oh and I hope you had better luck with your rolls than I did mine