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Saturday, November 26, 2011

ouch...not giving up...

ok after at least a week of working out with pain in my knees and calves no matter what stretching i do or how much i push or rest myself, I am beginning to wonder if it's really me. I mean that in the sense of...maybe it's not how out of shape I am (I am no longer getting winded on my workouts...YAY) but most days I STILL  can't go more than 30-60 seconds of running without stopping to walk because of the aches in my legs. I dont beleive I have shin splints (my DH says that if i had those I would not even be able to walk much) but I do have flat feet and from what little research I have done, that can/will affect my gait and such. I am also doing my running on sidewalks which has no give/bounce. It was really nice running in on the track for the turkey pain and i went for a while towards the finish line.

anyhow, i went out in the morning (memo to self...wear hat to keep sun out of eyes) with the dog and feel like i did fairly well despite the pain issues. I tried to jump back into week 2 of c25k (walk for 5 minutes, run for 90 sec, walk for two min, run for 90 sec, repeat) and got the walk part down and even the first 90 second run I pushed through despite the leg pain. But after that it fell apart. I tried two more repetitions of it but could only run for at most 60 sec at a time before the pain shut me off. it's frustrating too because i wasnt winded and felt like i could have kept going but i finally listened to my body and stopped.

So the issue might be with not having the right shoes and also the surface I am running on. DH says concrete is probably the worst thing you could run on...and i'm starting to see why. I might do a lap of my loop on the asphalt later tonight to see if there is much of a difference.

Ah well....time to hit the showers and the books for some last minute cramming. I have a major certification test at 2:30 today...if i dont pass it, my job is in jeopardy. great. I havent been in college for 10 years so some of the literature and language stuff is rather rusty...the teaching methods questions i do great on. I just hope I can properly BS an essay :-)

Endomondo specs for today:

1.7 miles
26:49 time
3.79 mph avg speed
15.49 pace
14:38 mile split.

time still seems very good for walking most of it....i felt my walking pace improve big time this week so thats a plus...


  1. Good luck with your test!!
    Your pace is picking up!
    Having the proper shoes should be a great help for your aches and pains. I would suggest trying to get fitted at a running shoe where they can assess your stride and help fit you with a shoe.
    Also try to avoid the concrete.. I dont know where you run and what the surroundings are like and I know its not ideal but if you go against traffic you can run into the road (just hop back on the sidewalk when you see a car).. The difference in the asphalt and concrete is amazing. I live in a small town and we dont realy have sidewalks. The ones we do have are overgrown and look more like trails in the middle of woods than sidewalks so I run on a mix of concrete, grass, asphalt, gravel, and dirt on every single run. I prefer the asphalt to any of it. The grass is ok, but Im paranoid about pot-holes and the gravels are mostl loose.
    Sorry for the super long comment.. apparently I talk too much.

  2. lol don't worry about talking too much. I get accused of doing that an awful lot and I tend to ramble. I will definitely take your suggestions...I hate running with pain and I so desperately want to progress...esp. when i see some people who started just a week ago is already up to 3-5 miles...grr.

  3. I know its hard but try not to compare yourself to others.. I have a hard time with this. Just last night I was looking at somebodys profile on dailymile.. They just started like a week or so ago and are running 10:00 miles! Ive been running now for over a year and cant do that :/ My mile PR is 9 something, but that took a heck of a lot of effort and I crashed after that mile lol. Running is just one of those things where you get as much out of it as you put into it (reasonably of course).

  4. yeah i have always tended to compare myself to others (and usually come up short). The day I get to run 10 miles (mostly non-stop), I plan on having a bottle of wine or something to celebrate. But thats why you and I are penguins...the only person we should compete against is ourselves :-) It's good to know I'm not the only one!