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Friday, November 25, 2011

Back to normal

I really wanted to run in the morning. I don't know why i didn't. I guess it had something to do with the leftovers and the digging out of the Christmas decorations...but alas.

I spent most of today putting up Christmas decorations. I finally told myself I needed to get out there at least for a little bit. But I cheated and only did the quick mile instead of pushing for the 1.75/2.0 mile workout mark. Most of my time was spent walking but I definitely felt my walking pace increase (WOOT). The back of my knees are still aching like crap. I think yesterday was due to adrenaline...after the adrenaline wore off I was REALLY sore yesterday.

In the past 24 hours I have come to a  few conclusions about my running habits
- Running with my actual I-pod is awesome!
- I hate running alone...even with the music there is no one there to push me to keep me from being lazy
- I can get very lazy (i.e. walking more than I should, not going as far as I should).
- Adrenaline is an awesome drug! :-)
- I would love to try a treadmill so that I can't just stop whenever I want to or be lazy...

Today my Endomondo couldn't even find a GPS signal so all I got was a time (18:39) but I know based on past experiences that I went about 1.1 miles. My goal for the holidays is to go a MINIMUM of a mile a day...

Ok back to digging through all of my Christmas stuff....I didn't realize I had so much crap! Plus tomorrow I have a major certification exam for work so I am semi-stressing over that....ugh.

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  1. You did great getting out there the day after your smashing PR race :) I always run solo but I always have music. I dont like listening to myself breathe. It makes me feel weird so the noise is a nice distraction. Speaking of.. Having a treadmill for me is very distracting. I see all the things around my house that need to be done and end up cutting my run short to do them.