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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Well I spent most of the day not feeling so hot while getting stuff ready for work. Then I read a thread on the forums about someone trying to do the same thing I am doing and wanting to quit I realized I needed to get my butt outside and run...even if it is 6:00 at night. Well my DH offered to run with me and I took him up on it because he has the better watch and could call out walk and run times. I told him 5 minutes of walking and 60 seconds of running and then 90 second rest walk and then repeat because I need to get my arse back on the C25K bandwagon.

Five minute walk went well (saw some pretty Christmas lights).

60 second jog felt good....

and then he didn't stop. I knew from my times going out solo on the route that we were long past the 60 second mark so I stopped and he turned around and yelled at me to keep up because 60 seconds of running would NOT get me into shape and htat I needed to run farther. Well I was ready to kill him. When I started to walk to give my burning legs  a chance to recover he did stop but was not happy. He told me he was planning to run every 3-4 streetlights and then rest...wish he had told me that plan. He also didnt like the idea of 90 second walk breaks so I had barely caught my breath before he was ready to go again. I love the man and I know he just ran a marathon but have a heart....i almost collapsed at one point trying to keep up. We also went farther than I had planned (I suppose each of us should have communicated our individual plans to the other...would have eliminated some choice language on my part....sorry, love).

Overall, i felt woefully inadequate and out of shape...maybe I haven't been running the amount of time that I thought I had or maybe it was running at night or running with hubby...but my leg muscles hurt more even though my pace was slower. is that normal?

Btw, my DH wants me to add that he is a tyrant. thats TYrant. :-) I love the man but I might be thinking twice before going out with him...and he says I haven't even seen tough. But the man is from a military background  and has run 7 yes he is much more in shape than I am...I dont like disappointing him like this though :-(

Anyhow, Endomondo specs:
1.85 miles (wish i had known that...I would have at least walked around my street for the last .15 miles)
29:43 time
16:02 pace
14:55 mile split

Time for some turkey gumbo and aspirin on my aching legs.

ETA: So after dinner I decided that I wasnt satisfied with 1.85 miles and partially out of spite to DH and partially to have a nice round number...i went an extra .25 miles with a full 60 seconds of running (yes i timed it to be sure...i definitely have been cutting it short in my earlier runs) in there to bring my daily total to 2.05 miles :-P DH just said to me "nothing like someone doubting you to push you to go. You're going to do this out of spite aren't you?" as he smiled and kissed me on the way out the door.

NOW I can aspirin up and relax...

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  1. Its totally possible for you to be in more "pain" after running slower.. It works different muscles. If I differ from my normal pace either slower or quicker I can tell.
    Im glad that you are so deteremined. It will help with the feelings of wanting to quit, or doubting yourself when they pop up (and they will). Being active and involved with other runners helps with motivation though.