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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making progress

In the last couple of weeks I have finally understood an important concept (one that people have been telling me for a while)

Sometimes you have to slow down to go farther.

I had been so concerned about keeping my pace under 15:00 per mile (which for me is a challenge sometimes...) that I was neglecting my running. Make sense to you? It still doesn't to me.

But let me explain (or try to)...

Since the recent week of Couch to 5k calls for a 3 minute run (something that I thought was out of my reach only a month or so ago)....I had to figure out how to slow myself down so i didn't burn out right away (I have a tendency to go out of the gate somewhat fast and fade). I have found myself mentally telling myself to slow down and just find an easy pace...and that pace is easier to find...its not as fast as I know I can go...but I have been able to get through the longer stretches of running.

So I have altered my short term goal: be able to run 5 minutes at a time without stopping. I should hopefully be able to meet that goal in the next two weeks.

Anyhow, tonight I didn't really feel like going out. Long day at work + sick students + skating night = no energy or desire to run. But I hadn't run since Sunday...and otherwise I would have gone 4+ days without running...never a good idea. DH subtly reminded me to go out so I went....

Didn't do my "plan" but knew I was going to do a mile. I left my house and instead of doing a warm up walk...i just settled into my pace with the goal of making it at least two blocks without stopping...I surprised myself and went 3 before i gave in to walking. I walked just enough to catch my breath and settled back into my pace...I actually only walked for maybe 1 minute total...OK more like 3? STILL...I did a mile in 12:45 which is close to my PR and unlike when I PRed...I didn't feel tired or winded or ready to puke. If it hadn't been getting dark I bet I could have gone more. I simply picked a point in the distance (usually one I couldn't quite see yet ) and challenged myself to run that far...and I beat myself every time.

So DH...copy and past the date here....YOU CAN BE RIGHT....yes, sometimes I just need to ignore the plan and challenge myself...and I did it. so THERE.

But the plan is definitely helping me get as far as I can we compromise? :-)

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