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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Love Redemption Runs!!

After yesterday's HELL run, I was sore all day today at work. I had to do a lot of walking at work and was NOT looking forward to today's run.

Well, I was wrong. Yes, put today on your calendar. Erin admitted she was wrong!

Today has been warmer than usual so I was not thrilled about having to go out. I made so many excuses but I knew they were just that: excuses. So when I got home, I put on my shoes and decided to go out even for a brisk walk with the dog.

The first half to three quarters of a mile were not comfortable as my legs just ached themselves out. I did a brisk walk for MOST of the first mile, which I ended up doing in 14:01...YAY for getting faster. I started to feel better so I went a bit farther than I normally do...I guess it's time to start upping the mileage lol. The second mile, I felt a lot better and ran a little bit more in 60-90 second bursts and then walked briefly and kept going. I would have done more but the dog of course wanted ot stop and sniff a LOT. I headed for the home stretch running a lot more than I thought I would today and the best part: ACHE FREE!!! I didn't realize how far I had gone until my Endomondo said "three miles" right in front of my house. WOOHOO!!

Now that I am home, my legs feel a LOT better....I almost want to go back out and keep going now that the dog is home crashing...

I am glad I ignored my brain and just went with it.....

I feel a HECK of a lot better.

Endomondo specs
3:03 miles
43:09 (probably get a 45:00 or so 5k at this point)
avg pace: 14:14
max speed: 7:35 (whaaaat????lol)
mile 1 - 14:01
mile 2: 13:37
mile 3 - 14:22

wheee to a negative split for the first couple of miles. I think I could have done another negative split had my dog not wanted to really smell around the last 3 miles....

Of course you know that had I kjept going, I would have paid for it dearly later....I should just go do some Wii fit or something later...maybe...

I feel awesome right now!!!

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  1. yay! Im so glad you had an awesome run to make up for that last one.