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Thursday, May 3, 2012

8 minutes!

Ok a couple of big A-HAs in my running in the last two weeks or so:

1. My body HATES me during THAT time of the month. I didn't really run and when I DID...well....let's just say that suckage doesnt even begin to describe it. I am tired, cranky, irritable, out of balance, etc. I can't get rhythms going, I am winded after about 30-90 seconds, etc. It definitely puts a crink in my mood AND in my training.

So needless to say it was such a relief when my body got itself back into whack. I swear I must have done c25k week 5 day 1 (or attempted it) about 3 times before I finally had a great run on Tuesday.

2. I CAN RUN 8 MINUTES! This celebration is short lived, though, as I have not fully completed c25k week 5 day 2 yet because I am an idiot. For some reason, I thought the workout was run five, walk, run eight, walk, run five. well apparently its run eight, walk five, run eight. I didnt get that memo until the second 8 minute run (which I did complete!) so I will not count that day complete yet. I am going to put it on hold though (well maybe try again tomorrow...MAYBE) because I have a 5k on Sunday. I was hoping for this week to be my graduating week from c25k but scheduling issues and stupid PMS issues put a damper on that. Oh well. I will still complete it one way or another...I am going to pretty much finish it and then go right into a bridge to 10k program as I aim for a half marathon in november. The half marathon training group starts in August so I have some time...

The best part is that I have not come home tired or cranky or achy. My legs feel great (in fact, I have been stretching out my cool downs to include a couple of faster paced short jogs to build up stamina and stride) and I almost feel like I could have gone another mile...YAY for starting to feel awesome!

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